Thursday, August 9, 2018

Making Connections

August 10, 2018
Dear Friends,
So lately, I have been acting as "the IT guy" in the office and at home. Never would I have thought of that as a calling in my life! But, I have had to navigate (or stumble) my way through some complex computer gymnastics of late. I'm thankful for some of the people that helped via a phone call or online (though not everyone was helpful). But the reason I'm talking about this is to make the point that new experiences and new types of learning keep the mind sharper, boost interest in the world and enhances our well being.
Maybe in your "technological" life, you had to ask the kids or grandkids for help. Maybe you had to take a class or go on YouTube to figure out some mysterious gadget. Maybe there is a new system at work or a personal interest or hobby that takes you online for information. Maybe you are reading your favorite newspaper or magazine digitally instead of on paper.  Or maybe you are keeping track of you health efforts (steps, sleep, food or water) with an app on your fancy new tablet or phone!
Appropriate use of technology is a wonderful thing, just as making the effort to learn something new is a wonderful thing! Connecting with other people to accomplish a task, to get help, to exchange information or just have fun is also a wonderful thing. Connection is the key to our satisfaction and health in pretty much every aspect of our lives. Health, longevity and happiness are known to be enhanced by our connection to others...knowing and INTERACTING with many different people of all ages, stages and abilities enhances our enjoyment of life.
So, as I have been connecting computers and modems and network expanders and printers, it came to me that just as making the technology connect enhances the "well being" of our office processes, making those connections within ourselves and with others enhances the well being of the individual and of society.
Chiropractic  scientific  research shows us that adjustments assist us in appropriately responding to physical, mental and emotional stimuli. Adjustments help us connect all our parts for optimum function and connection to others! Getting regular adjustments will help you be healthier and to handle your life better! 
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All the best and we'll see you soon!
Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.

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