Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeling like a million bucks

When was the last time you felt like "a Million bucks"? Can you even remember feeling that way?  I wrote you a little poem to tell you why...

If your spine is subluxated,
if your allergies are aggravated, 
if you know you shouldn't have waited -- you NEED to come get adjusted!
If your tires deflated,
if your lawn just got spaded,
if exhaustion  just seems 'fated"-- you NEED to come get adjusted!

I don't know how people live if they don't get their spines adjusted. When I think of the miracles that happen in each of us every moment of every day and the interferences that are caused by exposure to toxins, stress and fatigue, it makes me subluxated just thinking about it!

I am proud that it has been my life's work to help the world get it's "stuff" together by eliminating interference to the nervous system. Helping people live optimal lives is something worth doing. If I can help you live your optimum life, it would be my privilege!

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