Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day!

Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day! September 18, 1895 saw the very first Chiropractic adjustment administered by Daniel David  (DD) Palmer to Harvey Lillard at Davenport, Iowa. A fundamental change in the way we view health occurred on the third floor of the Ryan Building when a man who was deaf for 17 years arose from a flat table to hear the wagons in the street below. Within 3 days, Mr. Lillard could hear the ticking of a watch!
In the 119 years that followed, countless sick people became well and many more healthy people stayed that way because my ancestors and I were blessed enough to share in the miracle of the full expression of Life energy. A well functioning nervous system translates into a healthy person. How simple is that?
I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful thing called Chiropractic. I am grateful to the Palmers (DD, BJ, Mabel and Dave) for discovering and nurturing and expanding Chiropractic. I am grateful to Doctors Kendall, Cirino, Price, Strang, Kent, Bahan, Himes, McMullin, Johnson, Schrier, Baker, Van Rumpt and many others for nurturing my understanding of a nervous system free of interference. And I am grateful to my family, my patients and my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to share Chiropractic and my abilities with all of you.
My wish for all of us is to enjoy today and every day in the joyful expression of health in body, mind and spirit! Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day and many more! I'd like to share a photo of my ancestors in Chiropractic (if not in DNA) taken around 1902 in honor of this anniversary. I hope you enjoy the look back.
Dr. Carmel-Ann Mania

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