Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Healthy Valentine!

February 14, 2016 Dear Friends,

Happy St. Valentine's Day! This week and this month we seem to celebrate the gift of Love. Many of us have allowed this word to be co-opted by a"romantic" love concept that seems to exclude the many other loves that exist. What about the love bond between parent and child? Best friends? Spiritual love? Love between siblings, for grandparents -- aunts, uncles, cousins? Of course, there is love for those romantic partners that may last a few moments or a lifetime!
But how about loving yourself which is where we all should start? St. Valentine is partly known for the letters of encouragement he wrote to other prisoners, as well as, for encouraging people to get married and form families. His famous last letter was signed,"your Valentine".

Did you know that feeling loved helps our nervous system and immune system to function at the highest level? We fight off infection, recover faster from injury or illness, sleep better, and stay healthier when we have warm, loving relationships with family or friends. That doesn't mean that we must be married, or  must have 20 siblings, or that we need 100 "close" friends to feel loved. We can start by caring for ourselves and loving that each of us is a miracle! Then, we can begin to love and appreciate those around us --family of every relationship, spouses, friends and acquaintances-- to reap the very real benefits of love in our lives.
We in our office love to help you achieve the highest level of health, wellness and vitality! We DO love our patients and express that love by offering you the best we can in Chiropractic care to support your optimum life. Love yourself with a Chiropractic adjustment, a new pillow, a commitment to care for yourself and your health today!
Happy St. Valentine's Day and much love from your Healthy Valentine,
Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.

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