Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Crazy March?" Healthy March!

When I was in school we often characterized this month as "Crazy March". Mostly, we were referring to the often eccentric and changeable weather. But, as we look at the changes that occur in this end-of-winter and beginning-of-spring time, it seems that more than the weather is a bit changeable. There are spring breaks from school, tax preparation, garden planning and time changes that can stress us. Passover, Lent and Easter remind us to reflect on our spiritual health and our family relationships. The increased light and warmer temperatures urge us to get out and about (but bring your jacket and gloves just in case). In eastern medicine traditions, we are reminded to take special care of the liver and kidneys as they clear out old "stuff' from our semi-hibernation. 
So perhaps doing all these things might make things a little "crazy", don't you think? I want to suggest that you can level out the playing field with a little attention to your own health by getting a Spring tune-up adjustment. Replace that sleeping pillow that's been around for years, upgrade your orthotics for the coming season, check with me for a new stretch routine or to re-invigorate you exercise program! The staff and I are here to help and all you have to do is call!
We have morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday appointments available for both established and new patients. Just give us a call at 201-525-0707 and we shall find a convenient time. My staff and I are always ready to help you achieve the best of health, so call today to get started!

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