Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanks for a Happy Anniversary!

November 30, 2017
Dear Friends,
I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to every patient who has crossed our threshold since we first opened our doors in Garfield on November 30, 1979.
Dr. Ray Nicastro and I named our business Garfield Family Chiropractic Center and it really was a family operation! Ray and I had been married only a few months before. My dad and his dad helped us put up sheetrock in the adjusting rooms; my mom had helped me to get a business plan and financing through the SBA; a few years later, our son Christopher was born and he came to work with us for nearly a year! After Ray's untimely death, I took over his part of the practice and found great support from all the patients. My Aunt Cathy came in to run the office at that time and stayed with me for about 7 years! Chris and I were so blessed to form a new family with my husband of 24 years John, and his beautiful daughter Valerie. A year after that, I moved the office to Hackensack to be closer to our home. In the following years, Valerie came to work as a massage therapist for some time and my niece Bernadette worked the Saturday hours at the front desk for years, as well! I am grateful that many of my staff members over the years have come to be like family to me and to the patients, too! Some of those earlier patients are now bringing me their grandchildren to be adjusted...I've even had several families with 4 generations under care at one time! It has always been about  Family Chiropractic to me!
Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me...for sending me your loved ones, your friends and acquaintances to care for! Thank you for the opportunity to serve humankind ( and the occasional canine or feline) in the best way I know how! My fervent wish is to continue to serve my current and future patients with compassion, skill and love for years to come!
Thanks for everything! See you soon!
Carmel-Ann Mania, DC

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